Welcome to Ideas For Survival kits! We’re glad to have you here.

Today, you never know if you have to survive a weather disaster, a riot, or maybe a mass shooting. Perhaps it’s as simple as having enough supplies to ride out a storm for a week.

We have ideas for survival kits for every scenereo, big and small.

We invite you to explore with us, how to survive and thrive any situation.

A myriad survival kits.

We’ll begin with parenting because that’s where many people start to get serious about survival kits.

Of course the lunch we pack for our children isn’t necessarily considered a survival kit, but it kind of is. When we talk about survival kits, we’re really talking about surviving the daily mundane…Or maybe not.

You don’t have to live in a large city to have your child’s school locked down because some crazed individual is acting out his/her worst day ever.

Generally, the children shelter in place. So, for your elementary school child, the extra banana or apple you stashed in his/her lunch, along with the daily note of love and encouragement, suddenly becomes paramount in the way the child perceives the trauma. There’s comfort. Job well done until you meet in person.

Your 19-year-old child gets a shitbox of a car and is determined to drive it in the snow belt of upstate NY.

His survival kit is a bit different than the 7-year-old. Maybe you’ll send him off with protein bars, hand warmers, maybe a shovel.

You might make sure she has AAA and an emergency charger for her phone.

You never know what exactly you or your loved ones will need, so we need to be prepared.

What about the nuclear scare in Hawaii on Jan 13, 2018? People were completely unprepared for that scenario. According to Congresswoman Gabbard, someone actually put his daughter in a manhole for protection! Probably not a bad idea. Better to have potassium iodide tablets and a reliable shelter.

The point is, there would be a lot less mayhem if people would adopt sensible plans for survival.


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